Construction Management

Backed by a team of experienced programmers, technicians, engineers, and managers, Delta Systems Engineering works with our public and private industry clients to evaluate construction methods and advise on contractual details. Our approach is clear and practical, helping you qualify bidders, estimate costs, and develop realistic schedules for the most advantageous results.

On-site observation

Our construction services group provides on-site field observations of your construction projects to ensure compliance with the contract documents. We help your contractors understand the construction plans and specifications, so that they can install the electrical and instrumentation systems in accordance with National, local and industry standards. Our construction team and engineers are also available to help the contractor solve any problems that may arise in the field, before they escalate into costly changes and delays.

Shop drawing review

Our system for reviewing contractor shop drawings has been perfected over many years of reviewing thousands of submittal documents. We maintain a database of common submittal problems, and use efficient checklists to quickly review the materials the contractors intend to use on your project. Whenever possible, in an effort to expedite the review process, and prevent costly delays for the contractor, we contact the person who prepared the submittals when we find discrepancies. The contractor can quickly make corrections, and supplement the corrected material, which allows us to complete our review in a more efficient manner. Our shop drawing review process permits us to review the contractors’ submittals in just a few days, allowing them to get their materials on order sooner, and stay on schedule for your project.